Taika Waititi takes you into the wild with Hunt For The Wilderpeople trailer

hunt for the wilderpeople, sam neill, julian dennison, taika waititi

Taika Waititi is a filmmaker people should really start getting comfortable with. A lot of attention will be paid to his next and biggest project to date - THOR: RAGNAROK - because that's what happens when you direct a chapter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, people would stand to benefit from checking out his films which came before the third Thor movie, those that ultimately put him in a position to helm the God of Thunder. WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS is a fantastic comedy that you should make an effort to catch, and his latest - HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE - really took people by storm earlier this year at Sundance. 

Starring Sam Neill (Dr. Alan Grant to most of you) and newcomer Julian Dennison, Waititi takes this unlikely pair out into the wilderness of New Zealand for a road trip adventure of sorts that adds up humor and heart and coming-of-age for a strong result (read our own Chris Bumbray's review from Sundance). Today we've got a new look at the film with The Orchard putting forth another trailer that really hammers home the differences between this generational odd couple. Give it a look and line yourself up to check out HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE as it lands in select theaters on June 24.


Source: The Orchard



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