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Take a bite out of Tyler Stout's awesome Let the Right One In poster


Not a whole lot going on today except for a few clearly false casting rumors , so I figured I'd shared this with you, as I found it pretty cool.

Most of you will know famed poster artist Tyler Stout, whose hand drawn movie posters are among the most recognizable pieces of art in the industry. His latest finished product is this rather awesome poster for LET THE RIGHT ONE IN. Yes, the original, not Matt Reeves' clone.

These will actually go on sale soon in a limited print run, so check back to Stout's site for more info on when that might be so you can snatch one up.

Click on the poster below to see it bigger.

Extra Tidbit: I'm not saying I don't think Reeves' version looks good, but how hard is it to make a good movie out of an already good movie?
Source: Tyler Stout



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