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Take a look at what Pinhead would've looked like in the rebooted Hellraiser


Earlier this week, Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer (DRIVE ANGRY) admitted that their planned HELLRAISER reboot at Dimension Films was "unlikely to happen." Today we get a look at what Lussier and Farmer had in mind for our favorite Cenobites.

Shock Till You Drop premiered three pieces of concept art from the defunct film that give us a look at what a modern-day Pinhead would look like.

As you can see, it's a pale guy with pins stuck in his head, so in that respect, faithful to the original design. But he's got a new outfit that encases his head and probably makes it difficult to look to the left or the right (how does he turn his head without banging into his pins).

In addition to Pinhead, STYD has looks at two new Cenobites that would be Pinhead's right-hand men. One of them is named "Skinner" and I'll give you one guess what his job is...



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