Take a tour of Sunnyside Day Care in this new Toy Story 3 clip

A new clip from Disney/Pixar's TOY STORY 3 is online and while it ostensibly is introducing us to Ken, the new love interest for Barbie voiced by Michael Keaton, he's taking us on a tour of Sunnyside Day Care where Woody, Buzz and the gang have been mistakenly relocated.

What I found interesting about this clip is that it's one of the first times I remember a Pixar film using a pop-culture music cue (in this case "Dream Weaver") in one of their films. They traditionally rely on their film score leaving the pop music stuff to DreamWorks (not that I mind because it works well in the scene). Is this officially the first time or am I forgetting another reference in another movie? In any event, check out the clip below and meet some of the new characters in TOY STORY 3!

Extra Tidbit: I guess CARS had that "Life is a Highway" song...
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