Take Out trailer

Need a break from all the TRANSFORMERS 2, HOBBIT, INDY 7, and TERMINATOR news we’ve been flooded with as of late? If you’re suffering from blockbuster overload, then this is the story for you. And if you’re not, well continue on anyway. You might discover something special. The film is called TAKE OUT, and watching it I was reminded of the raw power of film, especially when it feels this raw. TAKE OUT is the story of an illegal Chinese immigrant living in New York as a delivery boy at Chinese restaurant. When the people who smuggled him in come collecting their debt, he has to somehow raise the money or face the consequences. This is no budget filmmaking, and it’s something. I recently moved to New York, a dynamic, amazing city with a mean streak. This film looks like it captures that mean streak. I can’t wait to see this. Check out the trailer HERE.
Extra Tidbit: The movie used some non-professional actors and was shot at an actual take out place during operating hours.
Source: Apple trailers



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