Tamblyn joins Bloom

Yesterday we reported that Orlando Bloom was set to star in MAIN STREET, the final film written by legendary screenwriter Horton Foote, who passed away earlier this month. The film centers on a small American town facing changes with the arrival of a mysterious stranger, and stars Ellen Burstyn, Patricia Clarkson and Colin Firth. As of yesterday, the female lead had not been cast but as of today guess what--it has! Don't you just love the progression of time?!?

Amber Tamblyn is the lucky girl who gets to spend her days on set drooling over Orlando Bloom. and trying--unsuccessfully--to steal him away from his bikini model girlfriend. That or she can just act the shit out of this thing and hopefully cling to a film career that is quickly slipping away. I was actually excited about this film but Tamblyn has always managed to rub me the wrong way for reasons that can only be attributed to her mediocre looks. Yes I'm superficial but I'm pretty sure you are too.

Extra Tidbit: No that picture is not doctored. Amber Tambyn and David Cross are a couple.
Source: Variety



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