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Tara gets Last Call


Tara Terribla

A bit surprising to read about Tara Reid still making movies. As it would be about any of the AMERICAN PIE kids; they were all hot and trendy for a while, and suddenly faded away into either oblivion or worst - B movies!

Hopefully on a comeback trail like other once-fallen babes, Tara joins indie comedy LAST CALL which stars Travis Van Winkle and Ryan Hansen as cousins coaxed into running the family's pub. Ironically, the film is co-written by Erick Lindsay, who spat out scripts for PIE spin-offs BETA HOUSE and NAKED MILE. First time director Greg Garthe is already at work, under the eye of Exec Producer David Dobkin.

Rounding the cast alongside Tara are Tom Arnold, Clint Howard and Christopher Lloyd. Paulie Shore is probably sitting by the phone just about now...

Extra Tidbit: Best/funniest Tara performance? I vote the "If you happy and you know it" shower scene from JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS.



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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