Tarantino in Sukiyaki

So apparently returning the favor that famed director Takeshi Miike (ICHI THE KILLER) did Quentin, by making a cameo appearence in the movie he produced, QUENTIN TARANTINO PRESENTS: HOSTEL (BY THE WAY TARANTINO IS PRESENTING THIS ONE), now he's making a cameo in the Japanese flick SUKIYASHI WESTERN DJANGO. And HERE's your first look. Apparently, he's playing a mysterious dude by the name of Ringo who appears at the beginning of the movie and fights with an unnamed Japanese cast member, who plays the lover of a female assassin disguised as a town dweller, to be portrayed by Momoi Kaori.

Directors doing cameos? I'm kinda so so on that, but he doesn't annoy me like Shyamalan can, and the part in PULP FICTION with Jimmy and his coffee is one of my favourite parts of the movie. So yep, I'll support this. SUKIYAKI is set during late 1100s, as two rival gangs face off in a town called Yuda, and a deadly gunman comes to the aid of the townsfolk.

Extra Tidbit: Miike doesn't speak any English, but he did his cameo in English for Eli Roth.
Source: SolaceCinema/Film



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