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Tarantino's Bastards?

Quentin Tarantino's WWII project INGLORIOUS BASTARDS has been the (non-Batman) hot topic of the month. Now that he's actually written the damn thing after discussing it for a decade, copies of his script made the rounds to various studios last week (it was then swiftly disseminated around the internet nearly as fast as news of a celebrity's untimely demise).

QT already told the audience at Cannes he'd have it there in 2009, but now comes the process of actually making it. The Weinstein Co., whose pockets are apparently not quite as deep after GRINDHOUSE, are seeking a party to co-finance the film (hence the studio circulation), while Tarantino is snooping around for potential stars.

He's already got some big ones in mind -- aside from the previously rumored Brad Pitt (who would reportedly play the "key role" of Aldo Raine), QT supposedly wants Leonardo DiCaprio as his Jew-hunting Nazi villain (he'd play SS Col. Hans Landa). Both actors have yet to commit, and while neither has appeared in a WWII movie before, Pitt did fight the entire Trojan army and DiCaprio... killed some Critters.

Such A-list names obviously have the studios' interest -- although Variety says they're also looking for "a reasonable price". In the meantime, we should expect to hear more equally huge stars potentially associated with the movie.
Extra Tidbit: Pitt appeared in a (peripherally) Tarantino movie -- as couch stoner Floyd in the Tony Scott-directed TRUE ROMANCE. Don't condenscend me, man. I'll f*ckin' kill ya, man.
Source: Variety



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