Tarantino's Pussycat?

When it comes to classic exploitation flicks, few were better at providing cheap thrills, car chases, wanton violence and humungous breasts than the late tit-king Russ Meyer. Although his SUPERVIXENS runs a close second, FASTER PUSSYCAT! KILL! KILL! remains a personal fave due to the presence of the wonderful, bountiful Tura Satana as Varla, the leader of a trio of voluptuous go-go dancers (that also includes amazing Meyer regular Haji) out looking for a few blackhearted thrills in the desert. After killing a drag-racer and kidnapping his girlfriend, the three wild jigglers then plan to rob a sinister old cripple and his two sons.

Now comes a bizarre and highly suspect rumor that our favorite hyperactive filmmaker Quentin Tarantino is itching to make his own version of the cult flick. Even more strange: he supposedly wants Eva Mendes, queen celebretard Britney Spears and reigning buttocks champion Kim Kardashian for his trio of endowed troublemakers.

But allow me to shoot some nipple-sized holes through the gossip. For starters, QT has about twenty other projects he's supposedly thinking about maybe doing someday maybe. The guy's attention span is inversely proportional to his talents for illustrating influences and building soundtracks. Would he really want to redo a beloved boob-flick rather than craft something of his own? Especially something so superficially similar to GRINDHOUSE, which wasn't exactly universally embraced? And although he's known for making or resurrecting careers, would he really want to gather people (Mendes excepted) who are famous solely for being famous and/or nominally attractive? Maybe he was joking or taken out of context, but something here is giving off the distinct whiff of improbability.

Extra Tidbit: Just make your WWII movie already please, Quentin!
Source: Variety



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