Tarantino's sex movie

Quentin Tarantino Quentin Tarantino apparently mentioned to Page Six that he's interested in making a LAST TANGO IN PARIS like erotic film, only this is Tarantino we're talking about so his version of erotica "would take place in Stockholm, with a couple of Americans visiting a couple of Swedish friends…just going out drinking, having a good time, hooking up." Yeah, real sexy there, QT. That's not the real story, though. We all know Tarantino's about as likely to make this film as he is the ten thousand or so other movies he's talked about making for the last ten years. The real story is this NY Mag article using what QT said as a basis for exploring what kind of erotic films other directors that we wouldn't necessarily expect to make an erotic film would make. My personal favorite? Wes Anderson: "It would take place in an impeccably designed Parisian apartment on the Île de la Cité, with three brothers visiting their estranged architect father. What is this sex of which you speak?"

Extra Tidbit: I think a Tarantino romantic comedy would be weirder than a Tarantino erotic film.
Source: Page SixNY Mag



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