Tarantino's Top 20

Out promoting INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS in the UK, Quentin Tarantino was asked by Sky Movies to put together a Top 20 list, something they're famous for on their site. Tarantino didn't want to do a Top 20 films of all time, so he came up with a list of his 20 favorite films since he's been a filmmaker. He doesn't list them in ranking (with the exception of a clear #1) but it's still interesting to see what makes Tarantino tick.

You can scoff at Quentin's bravado but you can't question his love or knowledge of film and his choices here run the gamut from the obvious (FIGHT CLUB) to the not-so-obvious (his thoughts on SPEED are right on the money). You'll also be surprised to know that he doesn't list any of his own movies on the list, which I found to be surprising. You can watch the entire video clip where Tarantino gives his list and some explanations for his choices below.

Extra Tidbit: I'm somewhat surprised there was no animation on this list.
Source: Sky Movies



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