Tarsem's next film

This will be a long and complicated description of how Tarsem (THE CELL) came to direct NAUTICA so bear with me.  Ready?  Here we go...Tarsem was originally slated to direct Nicolas Cage in CONSTANTINE while at the same time Ted Demme was set to direct Heath Ledger and Ewan McGregor in NAUTICA.  Ted Demme passed away and NAUTICA went into limbo.  Ledger officially left the project and McGregor was iffy.   Then Demme's pal, director Peter Berg (VERY BAD THINGS) came onboard (no pun intended) to take over the stalled production.  Meanwhile, Tarsem began butting heads with Warner Bros over CONSTANTINE which lead to him leaving that film and searching for a new project.  Berg eventually left NAUTICA to work on his own film leaving that film without a director and Tarsem wihtout a film.  Now we have the news that Tarsem will direct NAUTICA with production beginning this fall.  McGregor has reentered negotiations to star while Ledger's role will be recast.  The film uses the RASHOMON style flashbacks giving three people's versions of a murder aboard a yacht in the Caribbean.  Whew!...

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