Tarsem's War of Gods gets a release date, and maybe a new title

Though it won't hit theaters until long after Titans have clashed, Tarsem Singh's probably-colorful mythology battle WAR OF GODS has reportedly been given a release date (via Production Weekly twitter) of Veterans Day next year -- November 11, 2011.

Digitally, that's 11/11/11, so you should already assume the marketing material will utilize those numbers as columns in some kind of Olympian architecture. Or they will now...

There also seems to be some question as to whether the movie will retain its current title (which is already variable as WAR OF GODS and WAR OF THE GODS), or change it to avoid being mistaken for an Asylum mockbuster of CLASH OF THE TITANS. The alternate title making the rounds is DAWN OF WAR. (Either way, you can envision the words blazing across the trailers now: "WAR. WILL. DAWN." or "GODS. WILL. WAR.")

Whatever it's ultimately called, the latest from THE CELL's director follows young warrior Theseus, who leads his men into battle with the immortal Greek gods to defeat evil elder gods of the Titans in order to save mankind.

WAR OF GODS stars young beef Henry Cavill and Kellan Lutz, leathery bull Mickey Rourke, and SLUMDOG stunner Freida Pinto.

Extra Tidbit: Should we expect this one in 3D? Yeah, might as well.
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