Tatum on Cap

Cinematical talked to Channing Tatum about whether or not he'd be interested in playing Cap in THE FIRST AVENGER: CAPTAIN AMERICA. Here's what he had to say:

"Captain America? Oh my God! Oddly enough, I just got given a book – one of the painters came up and here gave me a book. I would think about it. Maybe it's destiny! I would definitely think about it – I just got done doing G.I. Joe, though. If Joe does well, and it doesn't seem to be the exact same story, then I would. I don't know. They seem to be very, very similar – almost identical. Except for the – I think he takes a serum? Like a strength serum? [But the WWII setting] could be very very cool."

Knock knock, who's there? No. Hey, I like Tatum and his portfolio of mildly offensive dance based movies, but just no. Like I was thinking about it but no. No deal. Negative. No. Yeah, so this is basically a no from me.
Extra Tidbit: I'm all for GI JOE though!
Source: Cinematical



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