Tatum tries Parkour

Actor/abdomen Channing Tatum came into his sudden and somewhat mystifying fame by trotting around the dance floor in STEP UP, and now he's going to try it across the tops of city buildings.

Nope, not a remake of ROOFTOPS -- Tatum will star in a New Line heist flick involving Parkour (the inspiration for "freerunning"), an urban activity involving humans hurling themselves acrobatically and dangerously over and around obstacles and across rooftops. No other details are known yet, but the movie will be directed by music video guy (and extreme sports enthusiast) Richie Smyth.

I'm not entirely convinced of Tatum's acting yet, but he's certainly putting his ridiculous physical condition to good use -- he's also starring in the street slugfest FIGHTING and next summer's G.I. JOE, and his chiseled cheekbones will be prominently featured as Pretty Boy Floyd in PUBLIC ENEMIES.
Extra Tidbit: As is often pointed out, Parkour was featured in the opening of CASINO ROYALE... but a far better example is the French action flick DISTRICT B13, which co-starred one of the sport's originators, David Belle.
Source: Variety



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