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Tatum, Yi Dirty Dance


You’ve probably seen one or two of the videos from MSN’s new Cinemash project, where they reshoot scenes from classic movies using current actors. So far we’ve seen SID AND NANCY with Deschanel and Gordon-Levitt, TRON with Cheech and Chong and POINT BREAK with “Reno 911” and Human Giant.

But I have to say, this Charlyne Yi/Channing Tatum rendition of DIRTY DANCING is definitely my favorite to date. I can’t think of a more oddball pairing, and I was surprised with how hilarious Tatum was. He’s got Swayze down to perfection, hip gyrations and all. And Yi in that wig…

Check it out below, and head over to MSN for the other videos, including the latest one that features Milo Ventimiglia acting out OLDBOY with AIG executives, which is less cool than it sounds.

Extra Tidbit: How uncomfortable would you be watching this if you were Yi's boyfriend, Michael Cera?
Source: MSN



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