Taylor Lautner lands yet another starring role in Abduction

Good lord, OK, so let me get this straight. Taylor Lautner is either in talks or set to star in:

ECLIPSE/BREAKING DAWN PTS I & II – As the werewolf shirtless loverboy we all know him as now.

MAX STEEL – Based on that toy that isn’t G.I. Joe.

NORTHERN LIGHTS – Where he plays Tom Cruise’s fighter-pilot son.

CABO – “Teenage TAKEN” where he rescues his kidnapped friends on Spring Break.

STRETCH ARMSTRONG – Where for some reason, he’s playing Stretch Armstrong.

Now, we’re really going to add another one on top of this pile? If you say so…

Lautner is set to star in ABDUCTION which is being described as “Bourne meets Hitchcock for the Disturbia crowd.” How does THAT look in your head?

Lionsgate recently won the bidding war over the project, which is about Lautner discovering that his parents are actually NOT his parents, and in fact kidnapped him as a baby and raised him as their own. The reasons as to why lead to a huge conspiracy and Lautner and his girlfriend must unravel the mystery.

Sure, why the hell not? Just put it in the que above MAX STEEL and STRETCH ARMSTRONG please. I do think Lautner has potential, but landing this many projects after one real role (in which he’s shackled by horrendous writing) is pretty absurd for anyone. What exactly is it about this kid?

Extra Tidbit: Fact: My roommate bought me a Taylor Lautner Rolling Stone cover poster for Christmas. Hilarious.
Source: VarietySlashfilm



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