Taylor Lautner will stretch his chops as Stretch Armstrong

Have you ever noticed how long Taylor Lautner's neck is? Well apparently so did the filmmakers behind the new STRETCH ARMSTRONG movie!

And before I say anything else, it's going to be 3-D. That, at this point, isn't newsworthy anymore. When something isn't 3-D, we'll be sure to sound the alarm.

Anyway, Lautner has been cast as the titular elastic hero. The story, according to THR's Heat Vision, "sees an uptight spy who stumbles across a stretching formula, which he takes and must now adjust to in everyday life and when fighting crime." The script, from writer Steve Oedekerk (BRUCE ALMIGHTY) as reported last year, will apparently still be the basis for the film.

THR also goes to say that Lautner "has shown charisma and physical prowess on screen beyond the 'Twilight' movies (a recent 'Saturday Night Live' appearance is an example) and is being positioned to be this decade’s action star." Does anyone see that actually happening? No offense to Lautner, but I mean, if they couldn't turn The Rock into last decade's action star...
Extra Tidbit: Being an 80s child, here's the Stretch Armstrong commercial I still vividly remember from my youth.
Source: THR



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