TDK blows shit up

The Dark Knight Whether Christopher Nolan's recent explosion of an old Brachs candy factory for a sequence in THE DARK KNIGHT is a direct challenge to Michael Bay's reign as the supreme overlord of cinematic detonation based destruction is yet to be determined but one thing's for sure, Nolan know how to blow shit up. The glorious display of demolition has been taking the internets by storm the last few days and seeing as how just about eight thousand of you wrote in to tell us about it, we though we'd have a look see for ourselves. And while it doesn't have the patented Bay panache and undeniable flare, we're certainly impressed and feeling that same tingle we felt the first time a long-haired, wide-eyed kid named Michael Bay blew all kinds of shit up in a little movie called BAD BOYS. See the destruction over HERE. THE DARK KNIGHT opens July 18th of next year.

Extra Tidbit: Any guesses as to what building the old candy factory is in the film?
Source: CNN



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