TDK score back in!

Remember all the hullabaloo surrounding the decision by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences that the original score for THE DARK KNIGHT was ineligible for an Oscar? Well you can take that AMPAS hate mail and just put it in your shredder. The Academy has reversed that decision and now Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard are eligible to be nominated for Best Original Score. The affected parties submitted an appeal (likely with major help by Warner Bros. who would love to pick up as many nominations as possible) to prove that the score was the work of two authors - Zimmer and Howard. The disqualification came about because there were five authors listed on the music cue sheet (the reason this was done was simply to financially compensate music assistants who helped make the score successful). So there's one more time you may hear "and the winner is...THE DARK KNIGHT" when the Oscars are presented in 2009. With this addition, do you think DARK KNIGHT will take home the most Academy Awards this year?

Extra Tidbit: Though Zimmer and Howard have a total of 14 Oscar nominations between them, they only have one win (Zimmer won for his LION KING score).
Source: Variety



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