TDK virals are back!

So the virals are back. The first place to hit is Concerned Citizens For A Better Gotham, a smear campaign against Harvey Dent, which has a grave looking video wherein a bunch of disgraced cops bad mouth the guy. Apparently Dent has been sending "innocent" cops to jail, people like 'Jimmy Scaliano', who nine out of ten analysts confirm has probably the second most blatantly mobster sounding name of all time. His parents might as well have called him "Don Vito" or "Bada-Bing". You can sign up there to get updates on the bettering of Gotham.

And then we have The Clown Travel Agency, which as of right now has nothing but a picture of a suitcase, a date and my infinite desire that this be where the next trailer is gonna appear. If I apply actual logic to this, it would seem strange for the next trailer - which I assume will center on Mr. Dent - to appear at a Joker type site, but hey. The way this has all been going, there's no way to tell if what hits tomorrow will a new puzzle, a trailer, or an animated .gif of Chuck Norris telling you to stay in school. I guess we'll just have to wait and see, huh?
Extra Tidbit: "Corleone" ranked in at number one, by the fictional analysts that I made up in my head. They also agree I'm great once you get to know me. Ben Barna - not so much.



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