Tekken gets director

As I'm sure you've realized, films adapted from video games don't have a great track record. It goes as far back as SUPER MARIO BROS. and goes all the way to HITMAN. So I don't hold much promise for TEKKEN, which begins filming in February. Dwight Little (ANACONDAS: THE HUNT FOR THE BLOOD ORCHID) has signed on to direct the film based on a script by Alan McElroy. So what exactly will be happening in TEKKEN aside from people kicking each other's asses? Well it's about a rebel who stands up to the Tekken Corp. OK.... And he seizes freedom for his people...with his fists. I just added that last part in there but this being a Tekken movie, I doubt he tries to broker a peace accord through nonviolent means. Little has an experienced past with genre films including HALLOWEEN 4, MARKED FOR DEATH and FREE WILLY 2. Yes, FREE WILLY 2. Filming is set to begin February 4th in Louisiana and expect to hear word on casting soon.

Extra Tidbit: "Tekken" debuted in arcades 13 years ago which makes me feel really old.
Source: Variety



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