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TERMINATOR SALVATION In case you didn't know, Tim Burton muse Helena Bonham Carter is in the upcoming McG directed TERMINATOR SALVATION playing a character named Serena. Not much is known about her character because she hasn't really been seen in any of the trailers and she hasn't been talked about by anyone, really. Well, the folks over at "Fast Company", along with a post about a behind-the-scenes interview they conducted with McG, posted a picture in which they give you quite the insight into her character and, needless to say, it constitutes a significant SPOILER. If you haven't already guessed, click on her blond locks to confirm. Or don't if you'd like to stay blissfully ignorant about Carter's character. The film, of course, chronicles the annihilation of most of the human race by the artificially intelligent Skynet and rebellion leader John Connor's attempt to take back Earth.

In less spoilery news, the folks over at "MTV" recently got ahold of some trading cards showcasing some new pictures from the film. There's a couple of new looks at old school terminators, like the one below, and some other assorted pics. Click on that metal bastard below to check out the gallery. Skynet takes control on May 21st.


Extra Tidbit: Carter turned down the role of Bess in BREAKING THE WAVES because of the sexual content. The role went to Emily Watson, who was nominated for an Oscar.
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