Terminator 4 talk

Whether you like it or not, director McG is making a new TERMINATOR movie. And he's discussing it.

McG recently appeared at a Warner Bros. home vid event, and the213.net and IFMagazine both caught quotes from the oft-vilified helmer in regards to his vision for the sorta-sequel. The new flick in the franchise will be set in 2019, and as to how he'll account for the previous movies and the current SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES series (which I'm enjoying, despite recognizing that it's not great), he says: "We're going to do what we can to respect them all, but there are indeed some timeline issues. We speak to the idea of one version of a future, which is clearly articulated by Michael Biehn in the first picture. This is the space between; this is post Judgment day."

McG (sorry readers, I don't believe the hate is justified) also says he has the blessing of James Cameron, and that the new movie will reveal some development of the T-800 and liquid metal Terminator models. And he drops a hint that NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN star Josh Brolin is on his "wish list" for the new Terminator. Which sounds pretty nutso until you remember that Christian Bale is playing John Connor (Brolin does have a fairly packed schedule this year, however).

Meanwhile, Moviehole caught up with composer Marco Beltrami, who provided the score for T3: RISE OF THE MACHINES. Beltrami (whose latest work can be heard in THE EYE) says he was instructed to completely deviate from prior TERMINATOR music, which drew heat from franchise fans. Whether he'll be back for McG's flick, he says: "I don’t know, we’ve talked about it a little bit but nothing’s been worked out. I hear they may want to start fresh again with that, but I don’t know."
Extra Tidbit: Rumor has it that the Kyle Reese character will be making some sort of appearance in an upcoming episode of the TERMINATOR show.
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