Terminator auctioned

     That rant will follow him forever...

Very little can be added to the SALVATION discussion at this point; some liked it, lots were disappointed, money came up short. That pretty much sums it up. Talk  was however just getting started on a 5th film, which McGuffin (that's what McG should stand for) chatted himself up for. In these precarious financial times though, the man will have to start considering something else.

The rights to the Terminator franchise are once again up for sale, according to the Los Angeles Times. Producers Derek Anderson and Victor Kubicek whose Halcyon Holding Group bought the rights in 2007, have seen 3 of their other companies file for bankruptcy last month and are said to "evaluate strategic alternatives" these days, one of which includes liquidating John Connor and his foes. The duo claims that one property alone to be worth $60M in rights. And that's only 50% of the whole shebang, with Cameron's ex Gale Anne Hurd still holding on to the rest.

The producers also claim to have received strong interest for the sale, among others from Sony Pictures. SALVATION still hasn't hit the DVD market yet so the total take of that film isn't final. But still, would a more "solid" studio decide to go ahead and have TERMINATOR 5 going right away? If they do, it most probably won't be with the G. How 'bout Bale?

Extra Tidbit: Would anyone DARE drop the "R" word? As in "Remake"?



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