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Terminator: Genesis adds a former cyclops to the mix


So far, TERMINATOR: GENESIS has had a pretty lukewarm response in terms of its casting. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a given when it comes to this franchise, but when it came time to announce Emilia Clarke or Jai Courtney's name, you could almost hear a collective "shrug" throughout the fan base. The "side characters" in Matt Smith and J.K. Simmons are arguably the most interesting casting decisions thus far. Perhaps it has more to do with yet another attempt at the franchise, and being a reboot no less? Well, this latest bit of casting news probably wont get anyone riled up.

Douglas Smith will be joining the cast of TERMINATOR: GENESIS. Probably most notable for his role as the cyclops, Tyson, in PERCY JACKSON: SEA OF MONSTERS. The man has a ton of TV experience under his belt, as well as the aforementioned MONSTERS and a bit part in BLAST FROM THE PAST as the age 11 Adam. Am I the only who who'll never forget about the hot Dr. Pepper? Has anyone actually tried that? We're getting off topic. As far as what role Mr. Smith (of the Douglas variety) will be playing, that's under wraps much like the rest of the film.

Alan Taylor's TERMINATOR: GENESIS may or may not be the official title come its release on July 1, 2015.

Source: Deadline



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