Terminator poster contest!

I'm always a fan of poster contests and from the looks of things, you guys are too (JoBlo readers have won two prior poster contests). So even though this is for a TV show, it's being able to create a poster for something "Terminator" related so I'll let you guys in on it. They gives you the assets and the rules and you slap it all together in a Photoshop melange and send it in. Should you design the winner, you'll get yourself a free trip to the "Sarah Connor Chronicles" premiere in LA, which will include round trip airfare, hotel and a limo to the event where you can bump elbows with the likes of Summer Glau (I'm in no way confirming that Summer Glau will even be there). Click here to find out all the details and to download all the material. Of course, none of you will be able to beat my entry, which I've included below. You just can't beat robot cleavage, my friends.

Source: Fox



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