Terminatrix cast!!

Some certainly unexpected news came when I turned on my computer this morning.  I knew the announcement regarding who would be playing the Terminatrix (or TX as it will be known in the film) would be made sometime soon, but I didn't expect it so quickly!   There was hardly any web speculation (beyond the Chyna rumors of late).  There was more talk about who was in talks for Foggy Nelson in DAREDEVIL than there was about who was negotiating for this role.  So kudos to the folks who managed to keep this juicy bit of news under wraps!

So without further adieu, let me introduce you to the girl who will be kicking Arnold's ass all up-and-down the screen next July 4th.   Ladies and germs....Kristanna Loken......

Holy mackerel!....

 Just move your hand up slightly.... That sand is lucky as hell

She can hold on to my pipe any time

Arnold mentioned in my interview with him a few weeks ago that there was a debate amongst producers about how to present the TX.  Should she be someone obviously intimidating (like Chyna) or someone more demure and unsuspecting of carnage.  Quite obviously they went with the latter choice.  And for what it's worth, I think it's a good one - she is a cutey, ain't she?  I also applaud their decision to go with a relative unknown for the role.  Plus, she starred in the "Mortal Combat" TV show so she must have some ass-kicking tendencies.  So I'd have to say to the producers of TERMINATOR 3, in the immortal words of Chief Clancy Wiggum, Good work boys.

Source: Variety
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