TF2 mythology

So a few days ago we found out that the official subtitle for TRANSFORMERS 2 was "Revenge of the Fallen". And we all assumed that meant Megatron was gonna be coming back. Turns out now, that the "Fallen" in the title, might actually be referring to the character "Fallen", who was one of the 13 original Transformers created by Primus.

Long story short here, at the dawn of time two entities are created to explore the new universe: Unicron and Primus, the former of which lusts for power and develops the ability to transform into a robotic form. Primus does the same, but prefers to stay in planetary form, instead creating 13 Transformers to man his defenses and weapons. One of them, "The Fallen", turns against Primus and sides with Unicron.

Given this is a little complicated than the recent pieces of TRANSFORMERS 2 news - like "Home and Away hottie may or may not play T&A in Transformers sequel!!" - I'd recommend checking out Teletraan 1, that breaks it down over HERE.

For a TRANSFORMERS geek like me, this is just mouthwatering. I got excited about seeing the Predator's home planet in AVP:R but that has nothing on the jean-breaking nerd boner I'll pop for a look at Cybertron. It's also pretty cool to see Michael Bay and his boys really delve into the TRANSFORMERS mythology this way. I personally didn't think that was lacking in the first movie, since I loved it as it was, but this is definitely a welcome addition.
Extra Tidbit: I was actually watching TRANSFORMERS last night, and question: when Bumblebee has his legs blown off and he passes the cube oh so emotionally to Shia LaBeouf, why doesn't he just use the cube's power to restore his legs, like the stereo dude did?
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