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T'Former writers steal


TRANSFORMERS guys Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman are all over the place these days, writing and producing lots of big projects (maybe you saw STAR TREK, if not THE PROPOSAL, which they also produced).

Now they have another expensive project lined up at Paramount (who paid seven figures just for the pitch). It's an action-comedy called LICENSE TO STEAL, about repo agents who travel the world reclaiming high-price items like speedboats and private jets.

The movie will be based on a true story published at Salon.com. The script will be written by Shane Salerno, who is at least partially responsible for ARMAGEDDON and AVP: REQUIEM. Don't you wish you were a well-paid Hollywood hotshot screenwriter too?

Besides producing TV's "Fringe" (along with Bad Robot cohort JJ Abrams), Orci and Kurtzman are working on COWBOYS AND ALIENS, ATLANTIS RISING, THE 28th AMENDMENT and the TREK sequel.

Extra Tidbit: McG and Bryan Singer also reportedly wanted a shot at the repo project.
Source: Variety



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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