T'formers 2 gets Rainn

Rainn Wilson's performance as Dwight Schrute is one of the very best things about NBC's fantastic "The Office." On the other end of the spectrum, his cameo in JUNO was one of the worst things about an already painful film. Wilson's cinematic success may be determined later this year with the release of THE ROCKER and now news that he's signed on to star in TRANSFORMERS 2. MTV News spoke to Wilson (who's out promoting THE ROCKER) and he confirmed he'll be starring in the film despite having not read the script. While they didn't have many details on the role other than he'd be playing a college professor, we can elaborate a little bit. Wilson will be playing Professor Colan, Sam Witwicky's physics professor at Princeton. A character breakdown describes Colan as "a self-satisfied intellectual who compares himself to Einstein, and is arrogant enough to wear leather pants to look cool." That pretty much sounds like a perfect Rainn Wilson role. Don't expect Wilson to play a huge part in the film though as it'll be more of an extended cameo. If you're interested in playing a part in TRANSFORMERS 2, you're in luck.

An open casting call for TRANSFORMERS 2 background talent/extras will be held this weekend in Philadelphia at Bullies Sports Bar and Restaurant located in the Wachovia Spectrum (where the Flyers and 76ers formerly played). The scenes they'll be casting for will take place in Philly and Princeton, NJ. Here are the specifics:

The open call will be held on Saturday, May 31. Enter parking from the Broad St. gate only (mention “Transformers casting” for free parking). Enter “BULLIES” from the exterior entrance, on the South side of the Spectrum.

Casting professionals will be seeing SAG actors from 10AM- 11AM (please bring your union card for admission) and non-union men and women from 11AM to 3PM. College age men and women are especially needed. No acting experience necessary; both SAG and non-union talent will be considered. All roles are paid positions. Please bring a snapshot.

Source: MTV



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