T'Formers 2 trailer?

If the brief glimpse of robotic property devastation during the Super Bowl didn't quite sate your appetite for TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN, you may have to head to the theater this weekend for a bigger bite.

We're hearing that the trailer for the second Shia/Optimus team-up will be hitting screens this weekend along with the opening of another reunion: teenage flesh and Jason Voorhees' machete. Yes, the new (?) TRANSFORMERS clip will apparently premiere with the release of the new FRIDAY THE 13th (which is, you'll recall, from mayhem maestro Michael Bay's production company Platinum Dunes).

No word on how much longer or how different this trailer will be, but the movie opens in just four months, so we should see some new metal-crunching collateral damage. Expect the preview to show up online soon after. Meanwhile, you can check out the previous clip below.

Extra Tidbit: Isn't "The Fallen" kind of a wimpy name for the Big Bad? I'd be way more impressed if he (it) went by something like THE FALLEN SKULL-CHOMPING THUNDER-DEMON FROM THE MONSTROUS PIT OF REAPER FIRE. Might not fit on a marquee, though...
Source: JoBlo



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