Thai Hangover?

Ever since THE HANGOVER became the new ANCHORMAN for quotable, physical comedy, sequel talk has been flying around furiously, but few details have actually come to light. But according to a source speaking to CHUD, the location of the next film has been decided, and it’s probably not what you were expecting.

"So where will the boys be going to get into trouble? How about Thailand?

At least that's the plan right now. What will be the story and why will the four friends be in Thailand? Beats me, but sources close to the movie tell me that Thailand is the destination. It's a pretty good destination for a movie about waking up with regret, and you have to wonder how edgy they're going to get in this chapter."

My guess would be pretty edgy. Vegas is one thing, but Bangkok? I can only imagine. Hey, at least we’ll probably see a tiger again! Also, Thailand was allegedly supposed to be where the axed OLD SCHOOL sequel was to take place, so Phillips might be using a bunch of material he already had in mind for that ill-fated feature. In any case, I’m predicting great things, but let’s just hope this sequel doesn’t get canned like OLD SCHOOL DOS, ZOOLANDER DOS and ANCHORMAN DOS.

Extra Tidbit: Is Justin Bartha (Doug) coming back?
Source: CHUD



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