Thank the Lord! Big Momma's House 3 is on the way!

If you thought NORBIT was enough to put a nail in the coffin of the famous-comedian-dressing-up-as-fat-lady genre, I'm sorry to report that you were oh so wrong. Fox and Regency have given the greenlight to BIG MOMMA'S HOUSE 3, which will begin filming this April. Joining star Martin Lawrence for the third installment is Brandon T. Jackson who I most feel sorry for in this ordeal. He went from starring in a whip-smart comedy like TROPIC THUNDER that poked fun at movies exactly like BIG MOMMA'S HOUSE and now he's relegated to starring in one.

John Whitesell, who did such bang-up work on BIG MOMMA'S HOUSE 2, will return to direct the third film, which will follow Lawrence's FBI agent once again going undercover. This time he'll pair up with his 17-year-old nephew to go undercover at an all-girls performing arts school. OK now I really feel bad for Brandon Jackson. Dude is 27 years old and he's once again playing a 17-year-old (see PERCY JACKSON).

What I find most interesting about this news is that the producers don't want the film to be titled BIG MOMMA'S HOUSE 3. Um...why?? The people who will go see a BIG MOMMA'S HOUSE 3 probably aren't going to split hairs on the title of the movie. It's got a guy dressed as a fat old woman, you could just call it GUY IN FAT SUIT and the returns would probably be the same...

Extra Tidbit: Paul Giamatti starred in the original BIG MOMMA'S HOUSE.
Source: Variety



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