The Alba Has Eyes

I’m sure a lot of you are rolling your eyes of yet another Asian horror remake (and if it does well at the box office, its imminent sequel), but then again a lot of you will probably take any excuse you can get to see Jessica Alba on the big screen. It is with that that I present to you the first pictures of Jessica on the set of THE EYE, the remake of the successful Pang Brothers original.

In the flick, helmed by the directing team of David Moreau and Xavier Palud (THEM), Alba plays a woman blind since childhood, who undergoes a double corneal transplant (she gets her eyes swapped) and begins to regain her sight. But with her new vision comes new visions of some pretty horrible things. Of course, no one believes her and of course, they’re wrong, dead wrong.

On a brighter note, it’s lovely to see someone besides Sarah Michelle Gellar starring in these types of supernatural thrillers. Click HERE to see the rest of the pics.

Extra Tidbit: The Pang Bros. are currently remaking their first film, BANGKOK DANGEROUS, for American audiences, with Nic Cage in the lead. It's now called TIME TO KILL.



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