The Arrow's horror short The Red Hours now posted online

You know him and love him, but some of you might not know our own John Fallon, aka The Arrow, is actually a horror director in addition to being an enthusiast.

He's just posted his latest project online for our viewing pleasure, and he wants to know what you think.

It's called THE RED HOURS, and it's an eight minute short about a man's murderous relationship with a lover, and I believe the film won an Independent Spirit Award a while back. Here's what Arrow has to say about his own work:

The reaction to THE RED HOURS has been mixed so far, some love it, some hate it; all good. One reaction that stood out for me though was that many had NO IDEA what it was about. Which is fine, cause its supposed to be an artsy, symbolism heavy short mixed in with horror conventions. I guess I thought it was more obvious than it is. So that’s it. Tap the short below.


The Red Hours from John Fallon on Vimeo.

Extra Tidbit: What do YOU read into it?
Source: John Fallon



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