The Atomic Surrogate

How's this for a movie premise?! A woman is unable to conceive and carry the baby she so desperately wants. So she hires a surrogate mother to carry her child. Slowly through the pregnancy it becomes clear the surrogate isn't quite right in the head. It's BABY MAMA right? Well yes and no. It's also the upcoming Fox Atomic thriller THE SURROGATE. Exact same premise except with scary music and less fart jokes. I never would have though surrogate parent movies would become the asteroid movies of the late-2000s but here we are. As if THE SURROGATE weren't already lacking some originality, it can't even keep its title as its already taken by an upcoming Bruce Willis sci-fi movie. So far, so good! To be fair, THE SURROGATE is based on a novel by Tina Fey Kathryn Mackel that probably has nothing to do with BABY MAMA or Bruce Willis. Rod and Bruce Taylor (THE BRAVE ONE) are currently working on the script for Fox's genre arm.

Extra Tidbit: Mackel also wrote a novel called "The Departed." Coincidence?...
Source: Variety



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