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The Avengers post-credits scene with Thanos is now online and Angie Harmon makes her case to Conan for the She-Hulk role


While THE AVENGERS does not hit Blu-ray until September 25th, the highly talked about post-credits sequence from the film is now online is great quality.

The scene I am referring to is the one that features Thanos, the big purple alien who wants to kill every last human being. The inclusion of Thanos made Marvel fanboys cream their jeans in unison when they first witnessed it back in May. Here it is in all it's glory.

Maybe it is just me, but I liked the IRON MAN movies because the villains were other humans with powers. Same with CAPTAIN AMERICA. THOR was fun, but when the supernatural becomes such a big element of the movie, it loses me a bit. I would rather see THE AVENGERS sequel feature a non-alien villain. But, I am sure that is just me.

Speaking of THE AVENGERS sequel, we brought you the news a while ago that Angie Harmon was lobbying to play She-Hulk in either the sequel to THE AVENGERS or the possible HULK sequel we are still waiting to see greenlit. Not much has been heard about this until Harmon appeared on Conan the other night. Check it out.

I think she has the build to play She-Hulk, but maybe not the acting ability. She seems perfectly suited for TNT's brand of cable series, but not the sequel to the biggest superhero movie of all time.

Plus, she lumped Superman in while naming Marvel heroes. Unforgivable.



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