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The Back-Up trailer


Ever wonder what the hell happened to Jennifer Lopez? A few years ago, she and Ben Affleck were our Brangelina, but then she suddenly dropped off the radar for a long while.

Well, it seems she’s spent the last few years meditating and saving up every iota of acting talent she has to put it into THE BACK-UP PLAN, a “zany” romantic comedy about a woman who gets pregnant from a sperm bank because she can’t find Mr. Right, only to have Mr. Right show up right after she knocks herself up. Zany!

It looks exactly as good as you imagine it would, though I do have to say I’m grateful that Gerard Butler and Bradley Cooper avoided this role in favor of Alex O’Loughlin. Check it out below or head over to Yahoo! for HD.

Extra Tidbit: "Watching this trailer made my testicles crawl way up inside me, and they refuse to come back down." - Dave Davis
Source: Yahoo!



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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