The cast of The Raven gets better looking with Alice Eve and Luke Evans

James McTeigue's account of the final "mysterious" five days of Edgar Allan Poe's life is a project I don't fully understand, but am willing to roll with. THE RAVEN will star John Cusack as Poe, trying to find his kidnapped fiance, and now the cast is expanding further. Fictionalized history I guess? Sure.

Luke Evans will be jumping into a role formerly filled by Jeremy Renner as a detective who helps Poe on his hunt. Renner recently signed on to MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 4 in a pretty substantial role, so he'll no longer have time for THE RAVEN.

Evans is an up-and-comer, and though you might not know him yet, he was Apollo in CLASH OF THE TITANS (supposedly most of his scenes were cut), and he'll be one the Three Mustakteers in Paul W.S. Anderson's version of the film, and will be another greek god, Zeus, in IMMORTALS.

Also joining up is superhottie ALICE EVE playing Poe's kidnapped wife. One can only hope it's a role that requires constant toplessness.

Extra Tidbit: Evans looks like he could be Dominic West's brother.
Source: Heat Vision



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