The Chris Pine reboot of the Jack Ryan franchise gets a new writer

The Chris Pine reboot of the Jack Ryan franchise that has previously seen Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck starring as the CIA agent extraordinaire, is getting closer to reality with word that Paramount has hired a new writer. The studio has brought on Anthony Peckham, who wrote INVICTUS and did a pass on SHERLOCK HOLMES, to write a draft of the script that would center on Ryan's early career tracking down terrorists in Russia.

Pine has been rumored to be starring in a Jack Ryan reboot for over a year now and Paramount is hoping that Peckham can deliver a script that will finally get the project kicked into high gear. Recently Jack Bender ("Lost") signed on to direct the film. There's another script in existence from Adam Cozad but it's unclear if Peckham will work off that draft or start fresh.

Finally, I leave you with a photo that shows up when you Google "Jack Ryan." I didn't click through any further because I don't want any more explanation as to what this has to do with Jack Ryan. I just love this picture.

Extra Tidbit: Later in the Tom Clancy book series, Jack Ryan becomes President of the United States.
Source: THR



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