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The Coen Brothers heading to TV with a new show


We all love movies, but it's hard to deny that on occasion, television is a better medium for telling a story. Could The Wire have been as effective as a movie? Could Breaking Bad? Could most great shows?

Well the Coen brothers must have a story they think needs a different format to tell, which is why they're heading to the small screen for a new single camera comedy show called HarveKarbo. No, I didn't forget the space.

The Coens will be the creators and exec producters, but Phil Johnson is writing the show, and it will follow Harve, a bad tempered LA private eye. He'll be investigating Hollywood scandals, and hanging out in El Segundo during his off time.

No word on when we'll see the show come to life, but the strangest bit of news is that this is not on HBO or Showtime, or even AMC or FX, rather it's on Fox, meaning they'll have to tone it way down from their usual R-rated fare. Does this sound like something you'd be down to watch?

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite Coen comedy to date?
Source: Deadline



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