The Con is on!!!

For the 8th year in a row, JoBlo.com will be covering the shit out of the ever-growing convention that is the SAN DIEGO COMIC CON with no less than 6 of our staff-members catching flights down to the big event this summer, including me, the Arrow, Mike Sampson, Jenny Karakaya, Jim Law and Johnny Moreno. Cali folk like JimmyO, Jason Adams, Thomas Leupp and Quigles might also swing by for some drinks and cavorting, but they'll be there more as "fans". By the way, this will be my first time meeting many of these great folk who make JoBlo.com what it is. You can read any of our previous reports here: 2006 / 2005 / 2004 / 2003 / 2002 / 2001 / 2000 (sigh, we look so young in those pics).

As many of you already know, the event is bigger than ever this year (you can check out the entire schedule HERE), with yours truly even showing up on a "Webmaster panel" on Sunday, but we're gonna do our best to get you the best, as much as we can fit in between the parties and screenings (if we're lucky, we might catch both SHOOT 'EM UP and SUPERBAD at the Con) and hookers and hangovers. My mom is so proud. 

Many of you will also be attending this year and were asking if we can hook up with ya'll. I would love to organize something with everyone, but for now, things are still very much "in the air", in terms of our schedules, but please stay tuned to the site for any such announcements, and please feel free to approach us if you see us walking about (pics of our sorry-ass mugs HERE -- save for Jenny, who is adorable, of course). I'll be giving away FREE JoBlo.com stickers, so be sure to ask me for any, if interested. Other than that, I hope you all dig our coverage this year and we look forward to hanging with any of you down here. C'mon man...this IS THE PLACE to be every year during this time of the summer if you're a massive movie fan. Honestly, this is friggin' NUTS!!

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