The CW wants to bring Battle Royale to the small screen

Here comes the hate.

When THE HUNGER GAMES was released, there were several comparisons to another novel from Japanese author, Koushun Takami called BATTLE ROYALE. If that was a controversy that got your attention, you may not be too happy if The CW decides to pick it up for their line-up.

That's right. The CW, formerly known as The WB is looking to bring BATTLE ROYALE to the small screen. A popular film adaptation came out in 2000. It's taken a bit, but the material has gained a cult following with the hype behind the recent HUNGER GAMES comparison only fueling the interest. The story centers on a group of junior high students who are brought together for a military project and forced to fight each other to the death. It's a tad more f*cked up than that actually. The film directed by Kinji Fukasaku was really brutal. Katniss doesn't have shit on this.

Of course, the television show would be an American version of the novel. The good thing though, is that at this point there is only discussion of this happening. Before this, the network had a post-apocalyptic show called THE SELECTION in development. This was another case of young people battling to the death in a dystopian future. The network will not run two similar shows so I guess we will have to see which idea they go with.

Do you want to see an Americanized version of BATTLE ROYALE on The CW?

Source: LA Times



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