The Dark Knight Rises blu-ray and DVD release date "announced"

Well, we've heard lots of chatter about THE DARK KNIGHT RISES on blu-ray/DVD, most notably the rumor of a director's cut, which has since been debunked (only to be rumored again, perhaps?).  Warner Bros. uploaded a new trailer for the film (same as the old), which features the below "announcement" (click to watch on YouTube):

In the description, however, there is a date, which reads:

So, it looks like you'll be able to watch THE DARK KNIGHT RISES during your holiday break, as it should see release on December 3, 2012.  While not the official "press release" announcement, this is pretty solid seeing as it's from Warner Bros. directily.  Stay tuned for bigger announcement with more details, but this should be enough to get you more than a little jazzed.

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Extra Tidbit: Will you be picking this up or waiting it out for an inevitable trilogy boxed set?



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