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The Dark Knight Rises trailer arrives at last!


And to think, a mere hour ago I was bitching that the studio hadn't bothered to release the DARK KNIGHT RISES trailer yet, forcing us to either go see MISSION IMPOSSIBLE or watch bootleg versions online this weekend.

Well it appears they were listening, and now they've finally released the official trailer for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES which you can see below.

It's not quite as mesmerizing as THE DARK KNIGHT's was, but I definitely dig it. Class warfare (literally, warfare) seems to be a pretty heavy theme. I do understand however, what our own Mike Sampson was saying after he saw the prologue in terms of how it's hard to understand Bane. He only says about six words in this trailer, but I could only catch three of them, even after multiple viewings.

Without further ado, check it out for yourself below!

Extra Tidbit: I doubt we'll ever see the prologue online.
Source: JoBlo.com



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