The Dark Knight speaks!

Apparently the Joker isn't causing as many problem for ol' Bats as we might've thought, because not only did he have time to head to New York to promote his new movie RESCUE DAWN, but he also took a crime-fighting breather to talk to Superherohype.com about the progress of his latest cinematic adventure, THE DARK KNIGHT. The Caped Crusader on whether or not filming is easier this time around, now that the franchise relaunch has gone so splendidly:

"People aren't questioning, 'Are they going to do it or not?' There's been an acceptance of, 'Yes, these guys know what they're doing' and also, because we got so familiar with each other... it's now the third movie that I made with Chris (Nolan) and Michael Caine. I've gotten to know everybody. We all know how we all work. It's like my 5th movie with the D.P. It just flies along because there's no question in trying to sort of work each other out at all. We all know how we like to do it, and there's a nice shorthand between us all in terms of communication."

And on the pressure of trying to outdo themselves: "Yes, you must, you have to do that. If we're just doing the same, then what's the point? There are people who should demand that, but it does get better, so we have to do that. That would be the death knell, wouldn't it? If we all got complacent, just said, 'Oh, we just have to bang out the same thing we did before.' Sure, we use the strengths, and we're not going to discard the things that worked, but we've got to move forward as well."

Having the Joker as the villain this time around is already a vast improvement from the first film by default. Nothing against Liam Neeson or his character, but I need some charisma in my villains. And Ra's Al Ghul wasn't the most thrilling person to look at was he, handlebar mustache and all. Not only that, but the fact that Katie Holmes is also out of the picture bodes well for its prospects as well. It's like the filmmakers took the two worst things from the first movie and not only eliminated them, but replaced them with something better. It's called making a good sequel Larry and Andy Wachowski. You should try it some time.

Extra Tidbit: I'm attempting to set the record of most DARK KNIGHT articles written by a Canadian. I'm at 12



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