The Deadpool teaser poster is the beginning of a happy ending

It looks like the bulk of you enjoyed the first DEADPOOL trailer that hit earlier this week, although it's still up in the air whether or not this flick will appeal to the masses. Regardless, cinema is in need of some R-rated comic book goodness and we're all crossing our fingers, toes, and other appendages that DEADPOOL will make it happen! The following probably wont sway over anyone either, but we have the first teaser poster for DEADPOOL featuring a cheeky tagline and a face we'll all be familiar with come next February.


Do you think this poster will do anything for the uninitiated? There are some folks who think the Comic Con trailer was trying too hard, and I definitely understand the criticism. I think the trick on the filmmakers' part is to introduce this character that is so drastically different from all the other comic book characters out there. A big part of that would be breaking the fourth wall with marketing, so here's hoping that more creative posters and previews are on their way before the film's premiere.

DEADPOOL will give us all a happy ending on February 12, 2016.



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