The Devil Dared them

I love getting "ambushed" by movies I didn't know about that look like a metric ton of fun. I try to support independent filmmakers out there (particularly when they pour free booze down my throat), and it certainly helps if they actually deliver the goods.

Take THE DEVIL DARED ME TO, for example -- the "nearly semi-true movie of New Zealand's most dangerous stuntman". Judging by the trailer, the movie seems like a grand time filled with crazy car stunts, severed appendages, and hot chicks in bikinis. But don't just take my word for it, check it out for yourself!

The official synopsis: Every kiwi lad dreams of greatness. But for little Randy Cambell, the dream is as big as the stunts his not-so-death-defying father died attempting. Young Randy Cambell yearns to be NZ's greatest living stuntman, much to the chagrin of his aunt and uncle who understand that the petrol running in Randy's veins is bound to ignite one day. Can the love of a one-legged female Evil Knieval save Randy and break his descendants' long legacy of fiery and fatal confrontations with the grim reaper?
Extra Tidbit: Another New Zealand flick heading our way is BLACK SHEEP, about bloodthirsty mutant sheep.
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